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Events and dates for the upcoming year.
Program forms to enroll.
FAQs about the program.


Note-worthy events and dates.

* denotes special dates


9 Registration Night* 6:30pm

16/17 Lessons - Piano & Guitar (Jeremy) Lessons begin *

23/24 Lessons

30 Lessons - Guitar (Joz) Lessons begin*


1 Lessons

7/8 Lessons - Voice lessons begin*

14 No Lessons*

15 Lessons

21/22 Lessons

28/29 Lessons


4/5 Lessons

11 No Lessons *

12 Lessons

18/19 Lessons

25/26 Lessons


2/3 Lessons

9/10 Lessons

16/17 Lessons

23/24 No Lessons *

30/31 No Lessons *


6/7 Lessons

13/14 Lessons

20/21 Lessons

25 Recitals - Guitar 11:00am (Refinery) Voice & Piano 1:00pm (The Hub)

27/28 Lessons


3/4 Lessons

10/11 Lessons

17/18 No Lessons *

24/25 Lessons


2/3 Lessons

9/10 Lessons

16/17 No Lessons *

23/24 No Lessons *

30/31 Lessons


6/7 Lessons

13 No Lessons*

14 Lessons

20/21 Lessons

27/28 Lessons


4/5 Lessons

11/12 Lessons

18 No Lessons *

19 Lessons

25/26 Lessons

Recital date TBD

Fill out the pre-registration form!

Please note you may only register after being placed with an instructor. Contact info@trinitymusicacademy.ca for more information. Looking for the pre-registration form?

Trinity Music Academy’s Commitment to you:

  • To provide teachers who have the necessary training and talent and are committed to excellence in teaching.
  • Providing weekly lessons from September through June, plus two recitals per year in which to showcase the students’ growth.
  • If a teacher misses a lesson, they must provide a make up lesson.

Commitment for Students:

  • Students are required to attend their weekly lessons according to the calendar provided.
  • If a student misses a lesson, the teacher is not required to make up that lesson.
  • Students are encouraged to perform or attend the two yearly recitals – our staff will ensure this is a positive experience for all.
  • Any NSF cheques are subject to a $45.00 processing fee. If not resolved the student may be asked to withdraw from the program.
  • Students are required to practice according to he standard set in place by their teacher. If a lack of commitment is shown, this will be discussed with the student or parent.
  • If a student chooses to withdraw from the program after October 10, a month’s notice is required. Payment of the last month of lessons plus the following month after the last lesson will be deposited. Students are asked to commit to a full year of lessons.
  • Appropriate behavior is required for each class. If a student is unruly or not cooperating with the teacher, the student may be asked to withdraw from the program.
  • All Parents with students under the age of 12 must pick up their students at the classroom, students will not be permitted to leave the building without the parent or designated guardian

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Frequently asked questions.

We hope this helps answer some questions you may have about us! If you need any other information – please contact us at info@trinitymusicacademy.ca

What instruments do you offer?

We currently offer lessons in piano and guitar. We will be expanding to other instruments as we grow. Lessons are held at Trinity Church (1905 Springfield Road) on Monday and Tuesday afternoons/evenings.

Have all your teachers had their background checks done?

Yes, our teachers are required to have their criminal record check and reference checks done before they begin teaching. They have also received Plan to Protect training to ensure they know how to respond to different situations.

What should I bring to my lesson?

  • please bring your instrument if taking guitar lessons (you won’t need to bring your piano)
  • lesson books, worksheets, or binders used for lessons and homework - please note that any costs of lesson books are the responsibility of the student

  • water bottle
  • What do lessons cost?

    Our lessons are priced according to how many lessons in the calendar year (September to May) and you book your lesson on a specific day and time. Those who register we ask to commit to a year of lessons beginning in September and ending in May. There is also a small administration fee to help cover recital and administrative costs; this is a once per year fee. For example, a breakdown for private 30-minute lessons on Mondays look like: 28 lessons X $28/lesson + $50 admin fee = $834.00 This fee can be paid by cheque, debit withdrawal as a monthly or lump sum, and credit card as a lump sum.

    What if I miss a lesson?

    You as the student are buying the instructor’s time; you are not buying the lesson. If you forget or choose not to come, regardless of circumstance, you have still paid for your instructor’s time. There are no refunds for missed lessons. The Instructor is not obligated to supply make-up lessons or credits but may do so at his or her discretion. If the instructor cancels your lesson, your time will be rescheduled. If your instructor cannot reschedule a lesson due to their absence, the lesson will be refunded.

    Can I withdraw from lessons?

    Yes, withdrawal is subject to a one-month cancellation fee after the last lesson. Trinity Music Academy reserves the right to terminate lessons on unpaid accounts.

    What payment methods are accepted?

    We will be receiving payment by cheque, debit withdrawal as a monthly or lump sum, and credit card as a lump sum.